Wine Cellar Doors

A custom wine cellar door is not only a crucial component of cellaring wines, but also an important design element of a wine storage space.  The entrance to a wine enclave should be beautiful and functional.

Efficient wine cellar doors from California Coastal Wine Cellars add to the aesthetic value of the space, as well as provide an optimum seal, to ensure that the proper wine storage conditions are maintained in a climate controlled wine room.

Custom Wine Cellar Doors California
Custom Wine Cellar Doors California

Custom wine cellar doors are manufactured from various materials, such as wood, wrought iron, glass or a combination of all these elements.  A well-sealed wine cellar entry door requires two important features: weather stripping, and an automatic door bottom.

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is the process of closing openings, to protect an interior space against outside elements.  It is installed on top of the door and along the sides, thereby keeping it tightly sealed.

Automatic Door Bottom

The purpose of an automatic door bottom is to seal the small gap between the bottom of wine cellar doors and the threshold.   This mechanical device retracts when the door is opened, and drops down just before the door closes, which not only seals cool air inside the wine room, but also eliminates door dragging that could otherwise cause damage to wine cellar flooring.

Mortise and Tenon

Incorporating the old world technique of mortise and tenon in the construction of wine cellar doors California ensures their strength and structural integrity.  A mortise and tenon joinery system is a traditional woodworking technique, in which pieces of wood are joined together to create a secure and durable frame.

Laminated Veneer Lumber

To increase strength and durability, as well as to provide better insulation, wood wine cellar doors must be constructed from laminated veneer lumber (or LVL).  LVL is an engineered wood material that consists of several layers of thin wood, securely attached by adhesives.  LVL constructed wood wine cellar doors are less likely to warp or shrink.

Dual Paned Glass for Glass Wine Cellar Doors

Glass Wine Cellar Door
Glass Wine Cellar Door

Using dual pane glass on wine cellar entry doors not only provides aesthetic benefits, but also adds insulation value.  Glass wine cellar doors with dual glazed tempered glass have excellent insulating qualities due to their structure.  Dual pane glass is made up of two glass panels, separated by a sealed airspace.  This sealed in feature is responsible for preventing condensation build up around glass wine cellar doors.

Wrought Iron Grills for Wrought Iron Wine Cellar Doors

Wrought Iron Wine Cellar Door
Wrought Iron Wine Cellar Door

Integrating custom wrought iron grills with intricate hand forged detailing enhances aesthetics, and at the same time adds a touch of rustic style to wrought iron wine cellar doors.  Wrought iron wine cellar doors are designed to preserve the cool environment of a wine room, while conveying an old world feel to the storage space.  The addition of a built in latch to wrought iron wine cellar doors allows the iron grills to be opened independently, for ease of cleaning and/or maintenance.

Wood Species and Wood Stains for Wood Wine Cellar Doors

Wood Wine Cellar Door
Wood Wine Cellar Door

There are a variety of wood species used in constructing wine cellar doors California, including Knotty Alder, Clear Alder, Mahogany and Cherry.  A range of stain and finish options are available to match or complement any existing décor, such as Early American, Chappo, Cherry, Chestnut, Rustic and Wheat.  Applying wood stains and finishes enhances the natural beauty of wood wine cellar doors.

There is an option to distress the wood to varying degrees, to bring out a weathered or antique appearance to the wine cellar door.  Custom hand carved designs can be done on both sides of a wood based wine cellar entry door, to give it a more personalized look.  Clients can choose from an existing design, or provide their own design idea for the hand carved artwork.

Some professional wine cellar experts offer custom etching on glass wine cellar doors, to create a distinct accent to wine room entryways.  Beautiful glass etching design ideas vary greatly, from stunning grapevine themes, to elegant borders, to personalized initials.  Detailed, hand sandblasted etchings on glass entry doors make a great and lasting first impression.

A Variety of Styles to Choose From

There are different custom wine cellar door designs being offered, in order to suit the unique preferences and requirements of each client.  The most popular designs are the Barolo Style Door, the Tuscan Style Door, the Coto Style Door, and the Chianti Style Door.  Each door design is custom built to match the style and quality of a wine cellar space, as well as to help maintain the ideal environment for aging and storing wines.

Wine cellar experts, such as Coastal Custom Wine Cellars California, ship their exterior grade wine cellar doors pre-fit, and include the proper door jamb (available in various sizes), door swing, and commercial grade ball bearing hinges, as well as casement moldings.  They also create transoms and sidelights that will go well with any wood wine cellar doors.